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Founder, owner and Certified specialised Personal trainer/Dance and Dance and movement therapist, certified specialcise trainer, ATOD Affiliate Financial member and Principal of all our staff and is also on her way to being a certified play therapist of Whanau Dance and fitness academy on Brisbane’s north side, Shelly. Shelly is a retired Semi-professional dancer in a variety of styles and had 30yrs experience. Shelly also fell in love with all kinds of fitness and offers a wide range, She welcomes you to their family business. Along with husband, Jaydyn, who is co-owner and helps with the maintenance and building of new equipment, they invite you to visit their company to experience the fitness difference that can be participated in by the whole family. Shelly and Jaydyn have a son who is homeschooled and has severe disabilities                                   

We have weekly interventions with speech pathologist, OT, psychologist, behavioural therapist and all our Therapy classes and physical therapy programs are planned by us together with putting each students NDIS Goals into the weekly planning

On occasion Adrianne our behavioural therapist attends our workshops to deliver group sessions 

 We also are Proud to have an exceptional male trainer in our family business, Mathew our Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor and here is his story.                                  My name is Mathew Maher and I am a certified personal trainer at Whanau dance and fitness academy. I have been in the fitness industry for 2 years now and am thankful daily that I decided to commit to this career path. 

My personal fitness journey started when I was working nights and struggling to sleep during the day. I joined a gym and started working out to tire myself out. In the first week I put on 3 kilos of muscle. Now, I'm one of those people that everyone hates, I can eat whatever I want and never gain weight. My weight was always somewhere between 48 and 52 kilos, so putting on weight was a huge thing for me, and it has driven my passion for exercise since.

After I discovered my love of exercise I decided to turn it into a career. I took up studies at the Australian Institute of Fitness were I received a Cert IV in Fitness. There I learnt the skills that have shaped my practice and changed my lifestyle.

I believe that the best approach to all around health comes from a three pillars approach. 1. Moderate intensity exercise regime regularly 2. A healthy balanced diet with limited processed foods 3. Sleep like you're getting paid to.

If you are looking for a personal trainer who will bring a high level of passion and enthusiasm to your workouts, who is knowledgeable and always looking for new, fun things to try, reach out and let me help you reach your fitness goals. Mathew is also a proud father of 6 with 1 having a severe disability like Shelly 

We're excited to introduce Sandra Andoulsi, our dance and movement therapist and Art-therapist Here is her story

Born in Paris, France, Sandra has recieved an education in ballet, contemporary, jazz among other genres as a teenager. She entered professional dance schools after high school, with the intention to become a contemporary dancer. Her curiosity and taste for new experiences led her to perform as a clown, a pole dancer, on roller blades, or in arts gallery, while following Ayurvedic medecine courses and working as a model in fine art schools.

Always thirsty for discovery, she decided after her studies to leave her native France to travel the world. 

As a volunteer in an orphanage in Nepal, Sandra started a dance workshop to share her passion of dancing, learned sound healing and meditation technics. 

As a backpacker in Middle East, she discovered the connection between movement and spirituality and started to explore sacred dances.

Her different expeciences  around the world opened her to a whole new vision of human capacities and abilities.

Back to France in 2017, she followed the way back to school and got her Art-therapist certification, following hypnotherapy courses and learning sign language in addition.

Recentely relocated in Brisbane, Sandra is now trying to spread her passion and knowledge in order to help anyone who could benefit from it.

She's working at the moment with teenagers with down syndrome, kids with ADHD, ADS, visual impairment or behavioural issues.

Welcome Sandra Andoulsi : Art and dance therapy Brisbane ! 

Instagram : @sandra.is.dancing

Amy is another certified personal trainer for Whanau Dance and Fitness Academy. And here is her story 

I have been a trainer now for 5 years.

I started off my journey when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, a year after fracturing my spine and had many health issues that came along with that. 

I have spent many years researching and practicing in rehabilitation, hormone imbalances, varieties of not well known health conditions, muscle activation, motivation, pelvic floor, boxing, pre and post pregnancy and so much more.

I am super excited to be bringing my knowledge and years of achieving results/ seeing amazing transformations within myself and my clients to you all, and for any one who is interested in a trial session with me ALL first sessions are 100% FREE !! 

We have Natasha as our secretary, she also is Shelly’s sons lifestyle assistant and house keeper she is doing a fantastic job. She know is in charge of all invoicing and does most of our office work including emailing, accounting, sales, plus a lot more, if you can’t get A hold of all staff she is the person to contact and her direct email is wdnfc@secretary.net And phone number is 0472 511 696. Natasha is a proud mum of 3, one being ADHD 

We currently have 2 Therapy Assistants working with Shelly in classes so we can accommodate larger groups. Rhianna and Jo. Rhianna is currently studying occupational therapy at uni and once completed will be our full time OT as well as therapy assistant. Jo is our original client of close to 5 years she has a disability herself including loss of arm limb and epilepsy. 

Whanau Dance and fitness academy offers a wide variety of fitness styles for children to adults and seniors, including:

Mini group personal training

Private Personal training

Strength training

Body toning /body building

Fat loss

Increase fitness levels

Cardio training




Aqua fitness

pre fitness for forces training

body building  

Post pregnancy exercise 

hormone imbalances 

muscle activation 


nutritional plans


Kopakopa adapted Zumba class for people with low-moderate to high - complex disabilities and people with obesity issues, medical issues, eg diabetes, arthritis, loss of limbs,  

Group Fitness and Bootcamps

Nutrition plans and advice


Senior training

Homeschool fitness program

Hip hop classes for Adults and Children

Pre-school programs

Tapfit and Cabaret


Figure 8

hot hula fitness and hot fusion coming soon


Special Acrodance for people with low-moderate to high - complex disabilities with parent/carer inclusion to be 1:1

Ballet Tap Jazz hip hop technique exam classes 

musical theatre, 



ATOD Hip hop, streetbeat Tap 

hot hula fitness 

physical therapy 

competitions, fun promotional experiences. 

Rhythm works integrative hip hop for people with low-moderate to high to complex disabilities 

Sensory Tap program for people with low - moderate to high - complex disabilities.

Special Ballet program for people with low - moderate to high-complex disabilities 

 We also welcome and encourage people with Anxiety, Depression, behavioural challenges, bipolar affective disorder, Dementia, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, psychosocial disability to join our disability classes

Training for woman who have suffered domestic violence

Training for parents who have lost babies and children  

Personal Training for people with medical problems diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid issues, and more

Personal training/small group training for people of all ages with disabilities – mild to severe and loss of limbs.


How we began


Shelly decided to leave her dream job at Snap Fitness North Lakes to open up their family-based home company so that she could spend more time with their severely autistic 9 yr old boy and increase the quality of their family life. Since then, Whanau Dance And fitness academy have ventured to providing mobile training to cater to for their members with disabilities, but also for anyone after this flexibility for group training with travel fee, with Shelly and Jaydyns son by her side.

Shelly has been a semi-professional dancer for 28 yrs, and has taught dance since 2003; from ballet, tap, jazz, acro, special needs, hip hop to performing. She’s also a qualified child carer / nanny and worked for 11 years in the industry until the miscarriage of their baby girl at 37 weeks made her change direction and become a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Shelly is a certified Zumba instructor and Rhythm Works Integrative Hip Hop Dance instructor, and always an working on adding more specialised programs. Shelly absolutely loves what she does to help everyone she can. With a very bubbly personality and a lot of patience and experience, members of Whanau Dance and fitness academy enjoy every moment in Shelly’s company and every member is happy with their own progress and achieving the goals they desire. All members of the company know Shelly and Jaydyn’s family, who are flexible to be available and are happy to accommodate to everyone, no matter what your needs or fitness level are.

“Whanau” meaning EXTENDED FAMILY, which is exactly what you will become when you join Whanau Dance and fitness academy. 

Your Success is Our Goal


 We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often fails. Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy every session and see the benefits and change within yourself and your family. And most of all achieve your goals to then make bigger ones. 

For our Rhythm works integrative hip hop classes, 

Did you know that dancing can also help strengthen the muscles needed for familiar movements like getting dressed, brushing your hair and teeth? What a fun way to flex and build our muscles!

Students are encouraged to bring a buddy, therapist, parent, or carer, however the goal at Whanau Dance and fitness academy is to achieve independent participation and build new friendships. Shelly can work together with your therapists so dance classes are specifically designed to help support you or members existing therapy goals.

We also offer monthly body composition testing and measurements and photo evidence to keep track of your progress. Shelly also goes through her own supplier for supplements and will know what you need. 

Although we dont have a joining fee I would appreciate all members and their families to purchase our company uniforms, this will help us look like a team and look professional when out in the community together, and also bonus with our number on the back it will help if we loose each other or one of our members with a disability can easily be brought back to us safely. 

To show all our members we appreciate their hard work, dance classes receive medals at the end of each term and all members receive trophies and certificates at the end of challenges and also at our end of year Christmas party/performance. We will work on our social get togethers so all members have a chance to bond and make friends. 


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